Finished all projects – Pedal Menagerie

Merry Chrismas to everyone. It took some time to finish all projects but now I can show you all projects and would like to explain the features with each pedal. From left to right is the GoldBoost Deluxe, The DustDriver, and the Dee Drive:


I finished a Dumble-style pedal which I called the GoldBoost Deluxe which follows the idea of an overdrive pedal and an independent boost that can boost the overdrive when activated or can be used to boost the clean channel of your amp. Here it is:


I played through this pedal on my last gig and will add soundfiles, so you can hear it too.

The DustDriver I was talking about in my last blog is finished now with great success, especially regarding the look. Here it is:


With this pedal I started designing the frontpanel with white transfer-foil. First I needed to print the designed Image on the top an then ironed that on the metal surface. After that it needed about 4 coats of clear finish so that you can stomp on it more than once. This stompbox is really cool for rock and hard rock sounds and it’s so easy to find a great sound, especially when you use Celestion speakers. If it gets to bright you can use the switch for a moderate highs. I called the positions  Blue Night, Bright and Darker. It has a blue LED with one of those 3mm fresnel lenses and the is colored in dark green.

The last of the three is the Dee Drive, a d-style pedal that to me emulates the dumble overdrive pretty well especially when using a Fender type amp in clean setting because it’s quite dark sounding.

IMG_1266 IMG_1273 IMG_1249

A delay after or a brighter amp helps to make it sound brighter. On one of my last blogs you find soundfiles in a studio-related recording session. I played the pedal live on the my gig, too with great success over a fender hotrod deluxe with a Celestion G1265 speaker. This pedal sounds best when boost and overdrive is activated. Use a humbucker guitar and you’ll get a great overdrive sound. Without the boost it’s ok for medium overdriven sounds. Listen to the soundfiles below and you know what I’m trying to say here.

Because of chrismas it’ll take me some time to record some more soundfiles. So I wish you a merry chrismas again. Enjoy your free time.



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