Saving that great tone of a 1965 Fender Super Reverb

For a long time I own a 1965 BF Super Reverb, a great amp with a tone that didn’t really pleased me since I purchased it. The highs were so bright and that the whole amp seemed to be unstable and sort of brutal powerwise. I was unable to control it. When I switched it on I always had that feeling of the amp getting out of control.

After learning a lot of aspects about restoring old Fender amps, I eventually took a chance and returned to improving my amp and did the following things:

  • cleaned the tube sockets and re-tension the clamps
  • sprayed the tubes and working them in and out ten times to regain good conductance
  • re-soldered all ground joints by getting out the old solder and then resolder the Joints with fresh solder
  • Sorted the tubes so, that the one with the least noise sits in the most right position, looking from the back of the amp
  • changed the bias voltage cap to a new 100uf/100V and resoldered those Joints
  • dryed out the card board with a heat gun as well as the cloth of the wire
  • sprayed the pots especially the volumes and tone stack pots
  • checked and resoldered the reverb plugs, checked the connections at the reverb pan, too
  • Adjusted the wall voltage according to spec of HT voltage, set to 230V
  • chop-stick tested any component and wire in the amp for stability and noise
  • adjusted the lead-dress to spec in schematic of AB763 and least noise

With all these things together the amp came up to his original sound and quality. It’s a great amp now and I’m glad to own and Play one of those Super Reverbs tone-monsters. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate and ask me and leave a comment.



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